The Libertine Coffee Bar

Two of my favorite things in the world: coffee and Kelly. Well, Kelly and I are back on the coffee grind (Get it?! Even if you think my pun is bad please keep reading…)! The Libertine Coffee Bar in downtown SLO is my latest and greatest fulfilling conquest in the never ending hunt for the enjoyment my very favorite caffeinated beverage.


Located on Broad Street right next door to the Libertine Brewing company, it’s open from 6am-6pm and features drip coffee, espresso, kombucha, and a variety of tea. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! SLODOCO has even hopped on this coffee train and is making donuts for the Libertine Coffee bar alongside other local chef’s treats.

I asked the barista for her what her recommendation on their most popular drink would be and she suggested the Bullet Proof coffee. It’s a drip coffee which features a teaspoon of coconut oil and butter (yes, butter…) blended in a magic bullet blender making the concoction creamy mix of froth with just the right amount coffee bite to it. It was filling, too. I only got a 12 ounce but was very satisfied.


This shop features outdoor seating on the corner of Broad and Pacific. It has an ambiance which makes you feel like you’re at a new and chic modern coffee shop with the rustic authenticity of a spot that has been well loved and established.


There are many items on the menu which can be personalized like the Liber-tea which is any of their many kinds of special tea’s poured with steamed milk.  Each tea is special, so ask your barista about the many types of teas and the unique backstory on each one.


I can confidently say I will be visiting their shop many more times to thoroughly experience and explore the many other distinct menu items such as their Vanilla Chocolate cold brew and the Liber-tea.

Go check it out! And hit me up always if you want an espresso buddy…

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Scout Coffee

It’s national coffee day and you know what that means… Time to enjoy the aroma of the espresso beans and the creamy texture of a well pulled latte with whatever syrup combination your heart desires. Mmmm. Dreamy.

Both the coffee and Kelly are lookin’ dreamy.

Both Americanos and black coffee are great too but they’re not as fun to daydream about… anyway if you’re looking for a prime spot to visit for this celebration of a day of all days, NATIONAL COFFEE DAY YAAAAS check out Scout Coffee on either Foothill Plaza or Downtown SLO on Garden Street.


The OG Scout on Garden Street downtown has been around since early 2014. The pictures in this blog post are from the newest Scout which just opened up in August of 2016 on Foothill (because it’s right next to where I live and where I will now be spending the majority of my free time and money…). But the owners Jon and Sara Peterson are extremely accomplished in the ways of coffee roasting, marketing, business owning and barista-ing.

According to their website, “Scout is truly a community place, where the products, service, people and space just can’t be beat.”


Each batch of coffee is roasted locally at their sister company right in here SLO, HoneyCoIf you’re not into coffee (I respectfully disagree with you 😉 ) Scout also has tea, house made sodas made with local produce, seasonal milkshakes, house-made almond milk, and fresh made baked goods (of which I personally recommend their legendary cookies).


There’s space to study and socialize, to read a book and to enjoy your drink. Be forewarned however that there are not many power outlets at either location, which is not necessarily a bad thing… It just means you need to actually talk to people around you or stay off electronics for a little while. If you’re looking for a place to study for long periods of time this might not be the right place.

The decor is refreshing and homey, the espresso delicious and the ambiance cheery and full of life.


The almond milk mocha is one of the greatest things I have ever tasted in my life, and special because the almond milk is home made in house. Anything you order, however, will not disappoint.

Check out either location of Scout Coffee, today, and thank me later. Maybe by buying me one of those almond milk mocha’s…. 😉

Foothill Location:

Garden Street Location:

Bello Mundo Cafe: Coffee with Culture

I have a problem. Or is it really a PROBLEM, so much as an opportunity?? 😉

I am obsessed with cute coffee shops. After spending countless hours at Kreuzberg, (which I still do, don’t you worry…) I ventured to the other side of downtown SLO to try something new for a change.

Bello Mundo Cafe on Monterey street in San Luis Obispo is a place where you can sit, study, play games, read, and just relax with friends. Homemade chai and almond milk made from scratch are just two of the reasons to stop in and enjoy the ambiance.


“Bello Mundo” translates to “a beautiful world” in Spanish. They are committed to nice values over “cool” and are committed to doing good however they can. Right when you walk in, live plants and the paintings of local artists line the interior to give the cafe a fresh and vibrant living feeling.


The name of the cafe derives from the inspiration of world travel, and how Bello Mundo is a sanctuary to relax, unwind, and connect with real people. For this reason, there is a laptop free section in which board games and books are available for reading, but laptops are not permitted.




Opened in 2011, Bello Mundo originally served Ecco coffee. The cafe now serves Equator Coffee from San Rafael and Marin County. They believe that in this blend, they found the perfect combination of fruity, citrusy, delicate, and feminine coffee from the originally served Ecco coffee, as well as capturing the more robust flavor of other roasters. For more information on the Little Equator coffee of Bello Mundo visit their coffee page.

Courtesy of Bello Mundo Website

With a very spacious interior and an open feel with high ceilings and enormous windows looking out onto the heart of downtown SLO, Bello Mundo is a great place to get work done, hang out, or people watch.


Visit Bello Mundo if you want to experience SLO life at its most serene.


Kreuzberg: Latte Art Inspiring Enough to Make You Study

Even the creators and cast of “Friends” would be impressed. Freshly roasted coffee, tea, even some alcoholic drinks, and a good selection of food, Kreuzberg in downtown SLO is a definitely place to try if you live local or stop in if you’re passing through town.


I love Kreuzberg. It may be my favorite off campus place to study. The atmosphere, the coffee and food, and the overall vibe the coffee shop gives off is unexplainable unless you study there yourself, which you should definitely try. Kreuzberg was authentically started in 2010 by Cal Poly grads who enjoyed the European cafe culture  in the coffee shops of Kreuzberg, a neighborhood in Berlin, Germany. It’s a place to eat, to drink, to hang out, to study, and to get the creative juices flowing all with godly unbeatable latte art.

A soaking wet Kelly poses with the master latte art of Kruzberg

Personally my favorite drink to get is the Dark Mocha. The master baristas always top with nice looking art and adorn the plate with a small spoon and cookie. The employees are friendly but not overbearing. The feeling of the cafe gives off an antique and unique energy, with art covering the walls in the form of murals, paintings, and homey couches/chairs. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another time and place.

“Kreuzberg will always be one of my favorite places to study in SLO. I love everything on their menu (especially the breakfast burrito) and the overall vibe of the shop is just the best!” -Kelly MacKinnon, First Year Business major at Cal Poly

Click on the images below for a closer view of inside the shop.

It’s located in downtown SLO at  685 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, and open from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Whether you’re looking to study, spend some time “Friends style” in a cozy coffee shop, or eat a good meal at a place started by your own Cal Poly alums, visit Kreuzberg and you will not be disappointed.

Bucket list #4: Eat at the Madonna Inn

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This past weekend I got to cross four items off of my SLO bucketlist including eating at two restaurants inside the Madonna Inn: Copper Cafe, and Alex Madonna’s Goldrush Steakhouse. We can say that it was a good weekend…

Today I’m going to write about my experience dining at the Madonna Inn. Getting there was easy. If you get off at the Madonna road exit going south, you just need to stay in the middle lane and go straight to get directly to the inn. There aren’t really officially marked parking spaces, just a big parking lot, you kinda just fit in with the way that other cars are lined up.

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The Madonna Inn actually has an interesting history behind it. Nestled into a hill beside Highway 101, it is a perfect stop for travelers passing through the central coast. Created by Alex Madonna and his wife Phyllis, it opened on Christmas Eve in in 1958 with just 12 rooms, and the first night’s travelers were given a complimentary stay. Now in 2016, over 100 rooms exist with different extravagant themes, and each room has an inspiration and a story behind it which can be found here. I’ll write more about the rooms in another post someday, but this post is about Madonna Inn’s dining.

We’ll start with brunch at the Copper Cafe on Friday morning. Kelly, Sophia, and I got dressed up in brunch attire and drove to the Madonna Inn making sure to document the adventure extensively with lots of pictures (what’s new?).

Rocking the brunch attire

The experience was like something out of a fairytale. The glasses we drank water from were goblets of various colors that looked too pretty to drink out of. We didn’t get there until after 11am and we still got to order breakfast. I got a waffle. IMG_0694.JPG

It was a magical experience and the interior of the cafe was very cute. I felt like I had been transported back to the 1950’s/60’s. The walls were decorated with vintage signs, and my favorite decoration was the words “Let’s eat and be forever happy” written across the wooden arch of the counter. Yaaaas.







As much as I enjoyed Copper Cafe, I was enamored with the decor of the inside of the actual steakhouse which was where we walked in. It was decorated for Valentine’s Day and I can say that I have never seen more hearts or fairy lights in one place in my life.


After seeing how lavishly adorned the interior of the Steakhouse was,  I was hoping to one day eat inside there, too.. It was incredibly romantic looking, especially decorated for Valentine’s Day… Anyway, later that evening Conner told me he had booked dinner there on Valentine’s night on Sunday (we’re not great at keeping secrets). 😀

So Valentine. Much Hearts. Many Red.

The Steakhouse was a fancy dinner. We dressed fancy. The menu was fancy and there were fancy people dancing fancily to the music on the dance floor behind our booth. The staff were sweet and the service was quick, especially for such a popular night of the year. The only thing in sight that wasn’t dressed up in pink or red (including us) was the food.

The most exciting part of dinner was that right as we got our first course, the lights went out… No joke, it was pitch dark. At first we thought it was a planned part of the night, but we were quickly informed of the electrical trouble the building was having and handed many glowsticks.

They gave us glowsticks

The band kept playing, people kept dancing, and waiters and waitresses scattered like bee’s around the restaurant with glowsticks so that each couple could see their food to eat and cut (steak knives are kinda sharp). Lights or no lights, my New York steak was still delicious. And we got a free slice of Madonna’s famous Pink Champagne cake out of the ordeal.

IMG_2581 2
Dinner by glowstick-light

10/10 would recommend,  and would eat at a hundred more times. Hopefully it wouldn’t be dark again, but I was just happy to be there in the first place!

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SLO Livin: An Encounter with Linnaea’s Cafe


It doesn’t look very big from the outside. It looks rather small, when you’re standing out on the street. But when you walk in, you feel like you’re home. The employees greet you warmly and take your order with a smile. The restaurant extends backwards through two rooms of classic style decorations of antique lamps, a bookcase overflowing with books, walls covered in colorful local artwork, and a piano.

The inside rooms expands toward an outdoor patio, complete with a vine covered trellis, cheerfully decorate tables, and a fish pond. If you come here at night the string lights on the trellis twinkle and light up like magic.

I’m inside by the piano eating a waffle with fruit, and theres a man across from me sketching an incredible portrait of a woman with strikingly sharp features. To my right is a woman filling in the pages of an adult coloring book. Around me sit a combination of studying college students and adults taping away at their laptops and sipping the local cafe’s beautifully decorated lattes. As they enjoy the vegetarian, organic and fair trade food and drinks, soft alternative music fills in the background noise completing the cafe’s sense of relaxed ambiance. This coffee shop is “artsy.”

Since 1984, with the look of a home and the feel of a Sunday morning, Linnaea’s cafe has been a local favorite and outside attraction to anyone seeking an escape from a the busy city environment. Every night except for Monday, Linnea’s hosts live music, storytelling, and artist receptions, for no cover charge.

I enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, and the food and drink do not disappoint. The cafe offers free wifi for customers and accepts all major credit cards.


In the Summer of 2016 and I spend basically all my free time here. The staff are incredibly welcoming and I now know what it is like to be a “regular” somewhere! There’s nothing like walking into a place where they know your name, and having more whipped cream put on your waffle because of it, or getting a second espresso shot in your latte for no extra charge.

One thing I did not know when I originally wrote this post is that they have an amazing selection of hot tea’s. Seriously you would have to go here every day for months to run out of different tea’s to try. My new favorite thing here is waffle nights on Monday’s. I got the “Euro Waffle” and I am looking forward to trying their other waffles as well.

If you haven’t already, check out Linnaea’s. I’ll most likely be there eating a waffle and drinking some sort of amazing tea.

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