Morro Bay’s Top Dog Coffee Shop


I love dogs. I mean, who doesn’t love dogs? If you don’t like dogs then I still respect you but I’ going to have to also respectfully disagree with you because dogs are great. And this coffee shop has “dog” in its name so that already makes it pretty cool…

But in all seriousness, Top Dog is one of my favorite coffee shops to hang out in the SLO area. They feature two locations: one in Morro Bay and one in Cayucos. I’ve only ever been to the one in Morro bay and it’s amazing, so I’m sure the one in Cayucos is just as amazing.

This locally owned cafe’s ambiance is tranquil and serene. There’s an outside back patio with greenery and sunlight shining enough to warm you, but enough shade to provide sight of your laptop.

Free wifi and outlets are offered with purchase of food or drink which isn’t hard to do, because there are SO MANY choices of what to get from coffee to tea to food to alcohol. It’s a great place to sit and get some work done on the computer while enjoying a bite to eat or a drink. You could come here every day for a month and never get the same thing twice. 

The shop also offers friendly service. I never know what I want when I get there because there are so many choices but the barista patiently waits while I consider every combination possible… One of my favorite things to get is a Yerba mate tea u lait with soy milk. It’s steamed soy topped yerba mate tea. Great for a caffeine fix if you’re not feeling coffee.


The interior is decorated with pictures of dogs most of which are on the beach which is very inspiring to look at when you’re studying/getting work done. The exterior garden patio is filled with plants and flowers with a gentle breeze on a hot day.  It’s a relaxing place to hang out and enjoy the authentically laid back cozy and artsy atmosphere of Morro Bay.